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Laboratory Services

Our Construction Materials Testing Laboratories offer an extensive range of NATA accredited testing services covering earthworks, soil, aggregate, concrete, rock, asphalt, geomechanical and chemical testing.

Our laboratories are underpinned by our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited quality management system combined with a highly skilled and mobile workforce.

During construction, we understand the time and cost pressure affecting our Clients and provide the highest standards of service in terms of turn around times, quality and safety. We help our clients deal with the daily challenges of their projects, ensuring they remain on schedule and the construction meets project specifications.

Earthworks and Pavement Testing

  • GITA/Level 1 earthworks supervision in accordance with AS3798;
  • Field density via nuclear gauge and sand replacement methods;
  • Laboratory density via MDD, hilf and max/min methods;
  • CBR (soaked/unsoaked);
  • UCS;
  • DCP testing;
  • Benkelmen beam testing;
  • Insitu CBR;
  • Plate load testing;
  • Stripping inspections;
  • Proof roll tests;
  • Subgrade inspections;

Soil Classification Testing

  • Plasticity index (liquid limit, plastic limit);
  • Linear shrinkage;
  • Particle size distribution;
  • Hydrometer;
  • Particle density;
  • Shrink-swell index (remoulded/undisturbed);
  • Permeability;
  • Emerson dispersion.

Aggregate Testing

  • Bulk density;
  • Particle density and water absorption;
  • Particle size distribution;
  • Particle shape tests;
  • Aggregate strength tests;
  • Soundness tests;
  • Contaminants;
  • Stabilisation tests;
  • Recycled aggregates.

Specialist Aggregate Testing

  • Polished aggregate friction value.

Concrete Testing

  • Consistence;
  • Air quantity of freshly mixed concrete;
  • Mass per unit volume of freshly mixed concrete;
  • Making and curing test specimens;
  • Compression tests;
  • Flexural strength tests;
  • Mass per unit volume of hardened concrete.

Rock Testing

  • Point load strength index;
  • Uniaxial compressive strength including youngs modulus and poissons ratio;
  • Deformity;
  • Tensile strength (indirect);
  • Slake durability;
  • Direct shear on intact rock joints.

Asphalt Testing

  • Softening point ring and ball method;
  • Bulk density (presaturation and mensuration);
  • Density ratio.

Geo-mechanical Testing

  • One dimensional consolidation;
  • Undrained unconsolidated triaxial;
  • Effective stress triaxial;
  • Direct shear - 100mm and 300mm boxes;
  • Internal friction angle;
  • Triaxial permeability.

Chemical Testing

  • pH of a soil;
  • Electrical resistivity.

To view the full terms and scope of our Wollongong Laboratory NATA accreditation please Click Here.
To view the full terms and scope of our Mt Kuring-Gai Laboratory NATA accreditation please Click Here.

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