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Project Type:
Engineering Services, Laboratory Services, Drilling & In-situ Testing
Location: Mardi / Mangrove, NSW
Client: John Holland Group
Period: May 2010 - April 2011
Project Overview: The Mardi-Mangrove Link pipeline is the largest water infrastructure project undertaken on the Central Coast since the mid-1980s when Mangrove Creek Dam was built.

Works Involved

  • A 2.1 kilometre buried water pipeline from Wyong River to Mardi Dam through Mardi.
  • A 19 kilometre buried pipeline from Mardi Dam to the existing Bunning Creek Tunnel at Mangrove Creek Dam, running through Yarramalong Valley.
  • A new pump station at Mardi Dam.
  • A new pump station beside Wyong River.
  • Associated works.

Services Provided

  • Assessment/verification of soil modulus, vertical and lateral bearing capacity, thrust block design profiles, trench stability.
  • Foundation assessment for 8 bridges.
  • Allowable bearing capacity for heavy crane lifts.
  • VENM assessment and management.
  • Dilapidation assessment of existing pavements.
  • Assistance with commercial claims.

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