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Consulting Services

When it comes to understanding and interpreting the subsurface, a high quality, tailored approach is critical to ensuring a successful outcome for our clients' projects.

Our professional team of geotechnical and environmental consultants offer a range of services from preliminary studies to complete site characterisation, design, construction monitoring and management services.

Projects include residential, commercial and industrial developments, current/former petrol stations, infrastructure including roads, pipelines and drainage systems, sites potentially impacted by asbestos and landfill sites.

We have developed particular expertise in large scale residential subdivisions, further detail can be found below.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical investigation and design

  • Geotechnical assessments including preliminary studies, comprehensive site investigation, AS2870 classifications, factual and interpretive reporting;
  • Foundation design including shallow footings, slabs, driven and bored piles;
  • Landslide risk assessment;
  • Retaining wall and slope stabilisation assessment and design;
  • Earthworks, embankments and excavations;
  • Pavement investigation and design;
  • Soft ground engineering and ground improvement;
  • Forensic engineering;
  • Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring.

Pre-construction services

  • Terrain evaluation and land capability assessments;
  • Earthworks management plans;
  • Pavement thickness designs;
  • Geotechnical certification prior to construction.

Temporary works design and inspection

  • Design of working platforms for cranes, piling rigs and electrical transformers;
  • Assessment and verification of trenched and battered excavation stability;
  • Design of haul road pavements;
  • Excavation retention systems, de-watering systems and coffer dams.

Construction monitoring, inspection and advice

  • Footing inspections;
  • Bored pile/pier inspections;
  • Batter and revetment stability;
  • Settlement, lateral displacement and vibration monitoring;
  • Earthworks supervision and monitoring;
  • Selection, usage and treatment of imported and site won materials.

Drilling and in-situ testing

  • Complete range of drilling techniques including auger, direct push and NMLC/wireline core drilling;
  • Light falling weight deflectrometer (LFWD) testing;
  • Plate load testing.

Environmental Consulting

Assessment and management of contaminated sites

  • Phase 1 assessments involving preliminary desktop reviews and reporting;
  • Phase 2 assessments involving a site specific program of investigation, laboratory testing and reporting;
  • Remedial action plans and validation reporting;
  • Contaminated spoil/fill management and disposal. 

Waste classification and management

  • Virgin excavated natural material (VENM) or excavated natural material (ENM) exemption testing and reporting;
  • Advice regarding beneficial reuse and management of excavated spoil/fill.

Salinity and acid sulphate soils assessment and management

  • Salinity and acid sulphate assessment (desktop, investigation and laboratory testing) for compliance with local council requirements for development;
  • Management plans and validation reporting.

On site waste water disposal assessments

  • Assessments to determine hydraulic properties, nutrient disposal characteristics and the suitability of on site effluent disposal systems. 


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